Seel Jackson Consulting, LLC is located in Tierra Verde, Florida and Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm has 18 affiliated firms nationwide, and 3 international offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.

The firm specializes in Management Consulting for manufacturing companies and in Public Finance for State and Local governmental agencies. The Manufacturing teams help assist companies in understanding the cost drivers, lean techniques, product costing and in evaluating critical processes that impact your business.

Our Senior advisors are subject matter experts in Mergers/Acquisitions, IPO’s, turnarounds and International operations. Our teams' experience makes the firm the best choice when problems and business opportunities arise that must be solved or executed. Public Finance teams specialize in Economic Development and Redevelopment, Tolling, Bridge Projects, Infrastructure, Design/Build, and Infrastructure Privatization. Our methodology is to add jobs, build sustainable momentum in your business that ensure long term sustainability that benefit local communities and even impact the neighborhoods where people are proud to be a part of something bigger.

You see, anyone can build a building or develop a product or area. But to take what is already happening and create momentum for a sustainable economy takes strategy, patience and a commitment for the long haul.

It takes caring about what happens.