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Andy Jackson

Seel Jackson Consulting, LLC

6427 West 150 South Morgantown, Indiana 46160

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Profile Andy Jackson is a well known Government Financial professional in the US and Indiana.

He has 37 years of governmental finance experience in dealing with complex projects in many federal and state agencies. His professional career of 36 years focuses on problem solving, auditing, transit, transportation and forensic accounting. His business experience makes him a natural choice when complex problems and business opportunities arise that must be solved and/or executed.

Mr. Jackson's numerous accomplishments include lead auditor on largest single person embezzlement in Indiana history, member of AASHTO P 3  Audit team for development of P 3 software and P 3 audit guidelines, elimination of $22 million of township debt,

Attorney General’s Master Tobacco settlement plan, streamlining INDOT contract audit procedures and timing, reduced property tax rates and delivered significant cost reductions in many state agencies.

Mr. Jackson’s accomplishments reflect his resourceful problem solving skills, expertise in accounting and successful leadership in federal and state government.

Andy’s Credentials at a glance:

Financial Consulting Founder of Seel Jackson consulting                       2009 - present

Business, Operations and Financial Consulting

Former Director External Audit, Cost Accounting and Economist

Indiana Department of Transportation                                                     2005-2010

Former Economist Policy and Budget Department of Transportation      2003-2005

Former Director of Procurement and Budget, Indiana State Museum     2001-2003

CFO, Controller and Director of Operations for IndyGO,

Indiana Attorney General and Indiana State Board of Accounts              1974-2003

Certifications Seel Jackson Consulting, LLC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Municipal Advisor (Registration Number 866-01107-00) and with the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (Registration Number K0636). .