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President and Chief Executive Officer of Seel Jackson Consulting, LLC.

Well known Financial and Operations professional in the Public, Transportation and Manufacturing sectors.

He has over 40 years experience in dealing with complex projects and business opportunities in the Public Transportation and Manufacturing.

His professional career of 42 years focuses on public finance, strategic planning and exaction. Financial and production streamlining, mergers and acquisitions, lender relations, IPO front line experience and international operations.

His business experience makes him the natural choice when problems and business opportunities arise that must be solved or executed.

Mr. Seel’s numerous accomplishments include a successful Public Private Partnership (p3) for the Indiana Toll Road, manufacturing start up in the Czech Republic, completion of an IPO for electronics manufacturing company and significant mergers and acquisitions completed successfully for emerging and growth oriented companies.

Mr. Seel’s accomplishments reflect his resourceful problem solving skills, expertise in planning and implementation and successful leadership in public finance, transportation and manufacturing.

Credentials at a glance: Founder-Seel Jackson Consulting, LLC  Management Consulting      (2009-present) 

Former CFO, Indiana Department of Transportation (2005-2010)

Former CFO, Automotive Manufacturing Suppliers (1987-2005)

Former Vice President International Operations Wabash Corporation (1981-1987)


Seel Jackson Consulting; LLC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Municipal Advisor (Registration Number 866-01107-00) and with the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (Registration Number K0636).