Seel Jackson Consulting; LLC was formed in December 2009. Bernie Seel founded the company and serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Andy Jackson joined the firm in February 2010 as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

The firm was formed to assist Manufacturers and local, regional and state transportation organizations solve and push forward complex business and transportation projects. Seel Jackson has the experience and knowledge to drive creativity, “outside the box” thinking, innovation techniques, boldness, value creation steps and a no nonsense approach to get projects accelerated and completed quickly for the citizens of Florida and Indiana.

Our goal is to assist business leaders in all areas of their organization to make a lasting, substantive impact on their business with unbiased advisors who are committed to doing business with intergrity and transparency.

SJC has 17 affiliated firms nationwide and 3 international offices in Spain, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.

In the last 6 years our global reach has participated on projects in Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, California, Virginia, Indiana and in all three countries outside the US.

Our practical approach is well known and highly successful in 11 states and 3 countries. Our teams are senior level executives with very deep industry knowledge.

SJC is a partnership of senior professionals who have a led large, medium and small businesses and also managed public and private mega-projects.


Bernie’s professional career of 43 years focuses on Manufacturing, public finance, strategic planning and execution, financial and production streamlining, mergers and acquisitions, lender relations, IPO front line experience and international operations.

His business experience makes him the natural choice when problems and business opportunities arise that must be solved or executed.

Bernie’s numerous accomplishments include a successful manufacturing start up in the Czech Republic, completion of an IPO for electronics manufacturing company and significant mergers and acquisitions completed successfully for emerging and growth oriented companies. Bernie’s accomplishments reflect his resourceful problem solving skills, expertise in planning and implementation and successful leadership in manufacturing.

Public Finance

Bernie, as former CFO of INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation), was responsible for financing and managing Indiana’s Major Moves $12 billion, 10 year construction plan. He successfully completed a Public Private Partnership (p3) for the Indiana Toll Road. He also reviewed and approved Indiana’s interim financial plans for the construction of Indiana’s I 69 legs, Ohio River Bridges, INDOT’s 25 year Strategic Construction Plan and has in depth understanding of the financial and timing issues that impact many Transportation projects.

His knowledge and experience in managing INDOT’s Major Moves construction plan, toll road lease (P3), federal and state construction funding, $2.5 billion annual budget and several key projects will enable him to assist clients to complete many worthwhile projects.

Andy Jackson is a well known Government Financial professional in the US and Indiana. He has 37 years of governmental finance experience in dealing with complex projects.

Andy’s professional career focused on problem solving, auditing, transit, transportation and forensic accounting. His business experience makes him a natural choice when complex problems and business opportunities arise that must be solved and/or executed.

Mr. Jackson's numerous accomplishments include lead auditor on the largest single person embezzlement in Indiana history, the elimination of $22 million of township debt,  Attorney General’s Master Tobacco settlement plan, streamlining INDOT contract audit procedures and timing, reduced property tax rates and delivered significant cost reductions in many state agencies. Mr. Jackson’s accomplishments reflect his resourceful problem solving skills, expertise in accounting and successful leadership in federal and state government.

His knowledge and experience in government and transportation projects will enable him to assist the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization to complete many worthwhile projects.

The firm has been in business for 6 years providing management consulting services.